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        about us


        Shanghai Kaite Cabinet Co,.Ltd is a company which regeisted in shuyuan Town Pudong area in shanghai .our sales office is in Kunshan Huaqiao. We are a young company but our staff have at least over 15years of Kitchen design service and Manufacture . our factory is in Suzhou Wujiang .in a short time develop we have earn a lot of customer's trust. our aim is do the top Kitchen Brand in China. for that we find the best worker and teachnc they are all worked in the high end cabinet produce area for almost 20years. also our factory equipment are all have the top high accuracy cut and seal. depend on that we can make sure each detail process is beyond the customer's requirement . and for avoiding the mistake we used the advanced quality contral system, letting the produce more efficient we Used the computer control produce system. these big invest just for let customer can have the top service and top quality production.
        we believed that only the best worker and high teachnic can make sure the high end production.

        We look forward cooperate with you.

        Production show

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